Leisure, Tourism and Sport


Leisure, Tourism and Sport






Leisure at the International Scale - Tourism (PPT)


S-cool (Growth in Tourism)


Tourism 1 (Powerpoint)

Tourism as a Development Strategy (Powerpoint)


Introduction to Tourism (Ecumene PPT)




Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism (Powerpoint) Environmental Impact of Tourism (Powerpoint) Economic Impact of Tourism (Powerpoint)


Canary Zoo Tourism (Fling the Teacher)


Tourism Board of Kenya (Case Study of a National Tourist Industry)

Tourism in Kenya Overview and Statistics

Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts Sheet

147 university students killed


Ecotourism Case Study (BASECAMP MASAI MARA, Kenya) Basecamp Explorer Ecotourism (You Tube)

Basecamp Explorer (You Tube 2)

Svein Wilhelmsen (Interview) The World's Best Ecotourim Hotel National Geographic Geotourism Challenge 2009 Ecotourism Kenya Basecamp Explorer (Ecumene)


Basecamp Explorer, Masai Mara, Kenya (own trip ppt)

Case Study Sustainable Tourism - Masai Mara, Kenya (PPT)

Basecamp Explorer (Assessed by Eco Tourism Kenya)


Stacey Dooley in Kenya


Turismen i Kenya sliter

Urban Case Study Tourism Marbella

Tourism Management in Rural Areas Rural Case Study Tourism (Lake District 1) Rural Case Study Tourism (Lake District 2)

Lake District (own slides)


Tourism carrying capacities


Ecotourism Case Study (Galapagos, Ecuador) Bwindi Notes


Population Globalisation Revision (Powerpoint)


Tourism 2023 Animations


Link 1

Link 2

Eco-tourism 'major threat' to Antarctic (Telegraph) New limits to Antarctic tourism (BBC News)


The Olympic Games (PPT)


Olympic.org Planet Sport



Beijing suffers the curse of the Olympic city (Telegraph)


Politics and the Olympics (Interactive)


Do Olympic Host Cities Ever Win? (NY Times - Debate)


The English/Welsh Football League (PPT)


Where the Premier League's players come from (BBC)


Which Premier League clubs is most popular where you live on Twitter?


Leisure, Sport and Tourism (Wiki)


London's Olympic Legacy

London 2012 (Biz-Ed)




Quizlet (Leisure, sport and tourism)


Half a Min


Geography All the Way Flipboard Magazine


Revision pptx


Connect Fours


Arcade Game (Leisure, Tourism and Sport 1)




Fan Wu's Enga Kahoot


Leisure, Tourism

and Sport

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