Changing Population


Changing Population

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The Cupboard-sized Flats of Tokyo

Global Stratification

Why Some Countries are Poor and Others Rich

China versus the USA

Geography Monkey

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Baby Map

Life till 5

Every Sperm is Sacred (Monthy Python)

Harnessing the Demographic Dividend

Making the Most of Demographic Change: Mozambique

Demographic Lab (Annenberg Learner)

Do It For Denmark! | Spies Rejser                                                   

DO IT FOR MOM (Do it for Denmark 2) | Spies Rejser

Creative Ways Countries Have Tried to Up Their Birth Rates

IB Geography First Lesson (PPT)

Geography All the Way (Population Trends and Patterns)

Why 2.1 Children?

Ecumene (PPTs)


The World at Seven Billion (BBC)

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NOVA World in the Balance (Quiz)

GEOG (Stage 5 of the Demographic Transition Model) 

Demographic Transition Model/Population Structure (PPT)

Population Overview (PPT)

Population Policies (PPT - Steven Heath)

Population China (PPT)

Understanding China's One-Child Policy

China - an anti-natalist country

France - a pro-natalist country

Geography All the Way - France

With 2.01 children per woman, France has one of the highest   

   fertility rates in Europe

France’s baby boom secret: get women into work and ditch     

   rigid family norms

How Europe is slowly dying despite an increasing world population


Index Mundi (Comparative Statistics)

The Economist (The Burdens of Old Age)

Population (Half a Minute 1)

INED (Quiz)

Geography All the Way (High and Low Fertility)

Barcelona Field Studies Centre (Birth Control) 

Barcelona Field Studies Centre (China)                                     

Barcelona Field Studies Centre (Population and Demographics Web Links)

Barcelona Field Studies Centre (Test - Population Change)   

Barcelona Field Studies Centre (Test - Population Structure)

NOVA (World in the Balance)

Geography All the Way (Migration)

Houston Community College (Population Geography)

Canary Zoo (Fling the Teacher)



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The Growing of America (Role Play)

Gender and Change 1 (PPT)

Hans Rosling (Population Quiz)

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