World Development and Interdependence


World Development and Interdependence

Teenage Affluenza is Spreading Fast

What is Development?

Globe Unwrapped

Map Projections

Mercator vs Peter Chat Show (Oxfam - Internet Explorer)

17 Reasons Why the World is a Better Place

What is Development? (Geography All the Way)

Development Main (Geography All the Way)


The 25 Poorest Countries in the World (Mozambique)

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich


Development Indicators Worksheet (GATW)

3D Interactive Earth Globes (eChalk)

Why we shouldn’t judge a country by its GDP

GDP by Country

HDI from 2011


Unfair Trade - Causes of Inequalities

Trading Around the World (IMF - Interactive)

Trade and Development

World Trade (Banana)

The Trading Game

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Trailer)

Maps (Geography All the Way)

The Development Pathway (Geography All the Way)

The Best Stats You've Ever Seen (Hans Rosling)

Development Indicators (Geography All the Way)

World Trade (Interactive Animation)

Rigged Trade Rules (Oxfam)

World Development and Interdependence (PPT)

The Metro in Moscow


Revision Notes Co UK (Trade, Aid and Interdependency)

BBC Homepage

Project GCSE (Practice Questions)

Oxfam, Milking It (Quiz)                                                 Oxfam, You're the Farmer                                               Oxfam, Cowsequences                                              

Oxfam, News and Views                                            Newspaper Template (Word)

Free Newspaper Template

Japan/Kenya Comparison (Dustbin Game)

The Vortex!

Hans Rosling (Population Quiz)



Example Dustbin Game Japan vs Kenya

The Economic Hitman

The Economic Hitman (cartoon)

Debt-Trap Diplomacy