Global Climate — Vulnerability and Resilience


Global climate—vulnerability and resilience

HOME (A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand)

Six Degrees  Could Change the World

Causes of  Global Climate Change Kahoot

(Geography All the Way)

Connect Fours - Consequences of CC

How Earth Would Look If All the Ice Melted

UN chief António Guterres urges countries to declare climate emergencies

Global Temperature Quiz (NASA)

Transporting Heat Through the Oceans

Evidence of Climate Change (video)

Natural Causes of Climate Change (video)

Human Causes of Climate Change (video)

An Inconvenient Sequel (Trailer)

Before the Flood

Ollie Bray (PPT)

Crisis Guide: Climate Change (Interactive)

Greenhouse Effect (You Tube)

Earthguide (Greenhouse Effect - Animated Diagram)

Patterns in environmental quality and sustainability (PPT)

Arguments against the   climate change sceptics

Half a Min

The Coming Global Water Crisis

Ecosystems (Environmental Science - PPT)   

Nutrient Cycling (PPT)             

Biodiversity (Cartoon)

Connect Fours (Tropical Rainforests)

Biomes (PPT)                                                           

Forest ecosystems (PPT)                                               

Case Study: Tropical Rainforest (by Gustavo)                         

The Amazon (PPT)                                                 

Grassland ecosystems (PPT)                                             


Dynamic Equilibrium and Feedback (PPT)

Biodiversity and Change (PPT)

Structure of the Ecosystem (PPT)

Convention on Biological Diversity

Geography All the Way                                       

Atlas of Population and Environment

The Value of Soil

The Nitrogen Cycle

The Nitrogen Cycle (Animation)


Connect Fours (Soil Degradation)

Chief Seattle of the Native American 

Suquamish and Duwamish Tribes