Geophysical Hazards

Indan Ocean Tsunami, 2004

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Geophysical Hazards

University level PPT

Mass Movement

Mass Wasting (Mexus Education)

Summary of Mass Movement (ExamRevision)

Hazards and Disasters (Ecumene PPT)


Types of Volcanoes (BBC Bitesize)

Tsunami Formation (3D Simulation)

The Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 (BBC Bitesize)

Fukushima Ten Years On

Alfred Wegener                      

Understanding the Process (Ecumene PPT)

Earthquakes (Animation BBC News)   


Maurice and Katia Kraft

Maurice and Katia Kraft

Volcano Devils (Trailer)

Hurricanes (Animation BBC News)

Primary vs Secondary Hazards

The Impossible (Trailer)

Geographypods (with Worksheets)

Victoria Beckham in California

What is Drought?

Droughts (PPT)

Horn of Africa 2011-2012 (Short Summary) 

Chernobyl (BBC News)


Vulnerability (Ecumene PPT)

Factors that Affect Risk and Vulnerability Quiz (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mass Movement)

Risk and Risk Management (Ecumene PPT)


Hazard Event Prediction (Greenfield)

Disasters (Ecumene PPT)

Adjustments and Responses to Hazards and Disasters (Ecumene PPT)

The Basics of Earthquake Insurance                                           

Why Won't Californians Buy Earthquake Insurance?                 China Bids to Ease Drought                                           

Cyclone Yasi  (Australia)


Human Response to Earthquake (Slideshare)

2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (Case Study PPT)

Disaster Reduction (Videos)

Global Risk Data Platform

Geography All the Way Flipboard Magazine

Quizlet (Hazards and disasters - risk assessment and response)

The Battle of Chernobyl

Geo Hazards  Case Studies Quiz 1

Greenfield IGCSE